Google Tag Manager

google tag manager

Google Tag Manager allows us to quickly and easily manage all your website tags without editing code. Google Tag Manager delivers simple, reliable, easily integrated tag management solutions that our clients love.

Increase your agility

Tag Manager gives us the ability to add and update tags for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more. There are nearly endless ways to track activity across your sites and apps, and the intuitive design lets you change tags whenever you want.

Integrate easily

Tag Manager supports and integrates with all Google and third-party tags. Even Facebook. With Tag Manager, we can add or change tags as needed. Tag Manager supports all tags and offers easy-to-use turnkey templates for a wide range of Google and third-party tags for web and mobile apps. We can also use Tag Manager to manage how your tags behave once users make their cookie consent decisions.

Put your mind at ease

Easy-to-use error checking and speedy tag loading ensure your mission-critical data is collected reliably and accurately. The IT team will feel confident that the site is running smoothly. So everyone’s happy, even during busy holidays or the launch of a new campaign.

Collaborate across teams

Workspaces and granular access controls allow our team to work together efficiently. And the multi-environment testing lets us publish to different environments to ensure things are working as expected.

Quick tags for quicker decisions

Great marketing requires a tag management platform that is simple, reliable, and easy to integrate with existing systems. The best marketers use an easy-to-use tagging system like GTM. It helps businesses of all sizes gain better control of their website tags. That’s Google Tag Manager. With Tag Manager, we can manage and update tags quickly and make more informed decisions faster.

Tag management made easy

GTM is an intuitive way to quickly add and update tags. It gives us the power to enjoy the full flexibility and measurement capabilities that a well-managed tag system can offer, helping us understand user interactions across sites and apps.

Tag Manager has easy-to-use turnkey templates for a wide range of Google and third-party tags. Even for Facebook. Likewise, have templates for both websites and mobile apps. Built-in templates for third-party vendor tags can simplify code publishing and eliminate errors. We can also immediately add any custom tags when needed.

Tag management that’s simple, reliable, and a team player.

With error warnings, security features, and speedy tag loading, Tag Manager lets us know that all our tags are working as intended. Tag Manager is designed to help us avoid surprises and continue using tags across your online platforms.

Improve collaboration across our business partners. Tag Manager allows different users to make multiple sets of tag changes in separate workspaces. With features like access controls and support for multi-environment testing, Tag Manager helps our marketing and development teams work together more efficiently.

More security and better capabilities

Tag Manager gives complete control over when and how tags fire. Equally important, we can share account and user access with the right people. It’s easy to control permissions to make sure that our marketers and developers can work together securely and effectively.

Improve your advertising results

With Tag Manager, we can improve the customer experience through conversion tracking and remarketing with Google Ads. We gain a better understanding of whether a customer completed a valuable action. Or if they took a step after engaging with the client’s ads.

We link Tag Manager containers to Campaign Manager, so we can push Floodlight activities directly from the Campaign Manager user
interface to Tag Manager for approval.

Tag Manager features built-in templates with third-party measurement and marketing tag vendors. To use a template, simply select it and provide the requested details. Tag Manager then automatically generates the correct tracking code and fires the tag. This makes it hassle-free and less error-prone for your team.

In today’s fast-paced digital business environment, marketers need every advantage they can get. By adding and updating tags with Tag Manager, our team can improve internal collaboration. We can launch tags faster to get the insights our clients need.

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