Google Display Ads

Display ads can help you promote your business when people are browsing online, watching YouTube videos, checking Gmail, or using mobile devices and apps. You can reach over 90% of global internet users across millions of apps and websites. This kind of reach allows you to learn about consumer behavior, identify valuable audiences, and engage with those audiences quickly and often. Read on to learn about the value of display advertising on Google Display ads.

Google Display Ads Details And Advantages For Growing Your Business:

Planning Is The Crucial First Step To Achieving Success With Google Ads

Planning Is The Crucial First Step To Achieving Success With Google Ads

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, which helps businesses like yours connect with more customers. By planning your Google Ads budgets on a monthly basis in advance, you can help ensure that when people need products or information, your ads can meet them at the right time to help maximize conversions and achieve your key performance indicators (KPIs). Expert tip: project annual sales and allocate a percentage of that to your marketing budget. By planning your Google Ads budgets in advance, you can:

  1. Understand the future spend potential of current Google Ads campaigns to help drive budget decisions
  2. Take advantage of seasonality to capture incremental opportunities 
  3. Set optimal bids and budgets across your campaigns to help ensure that ROI performance is maximized
  4. Find new opportunities to grow your sales volumes with Google Ads

We use advanced Performance Planning tools to highlight growth opportunities for your Google Ads campaigns. Having the optimal budgets and bids is crucial to making the most of your marketing budget and growing your business with Google Ads. 

What's the Value of Google Display Ads?

What’s the Value of Google Display Ads?

Google Display ads help you deliver relevant advertising as people browse the web. It connects your business with your customers — future and existing. With a variety of bidding options, popular ad formats, and transparency into performance, Google Display ads drive results every day for thousands of advertisers around the world. 

Powerful Intent Signals

Google harnesses best-in-class intent signals to place ads against the most relevant content, driving your marketing results.

Massive Scale

We run your ads and connect with your audience through Gmail, YouTube, and millions of other websites.

Measurable Performance

Maximize results with Google Display ads’ real-time measurable performance.

Campaign set-up

Once you indicate your marketing objective, we set up a robust campaign and bring you the features and options that are relevant to what you want to accomplish.

Benefits of Display Ads

Benefits of Display Ads


There is simply nothing that even comes close to how cost-effective display advertising is. Seriously, we can Reach Thousands for Pennies.

Increase Brand Awareness

People can see your ads thousands of times, never click on them (meaning you don’t pay one cent), yet your brand is now top of mind next time they’re ready to purchase.

Precise Targeting

Target by geo, demographics, income, even specific websites, and much more.

Visually Appealing

Eye-catching appeal. Unlike text ads on the Search Network, display ads offer unlimited creative control. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Assist Conversions

Display Ads assist conversion by providing a lift in brand searches, search engine click-thru rates, direct visits and online/offline purchasing.

Low Starting Cost

In line with how cost-effective Display Ads are in terms of reach and CPC, they also offer one of the lowest starting costs in advertising. While you might be limited by budget to start with Search Ads, a low budget can still go a long way with Display Ads.

Increase Visibility

Since your ads can be seen by over 90% of all internet users you are sure to be seen frequently across the web.

Data Mining & Insights

In addition to real-time analytics and campaign performance, we get a treasure trove of user data. We use it in various ways to further grow your customer base.

The Power of Retargeting.

The ability to retarget users that have visited your site, specific pages, or even taken certain desired actions on your site is instrumental to return on ad spend.

How Display Ads Work?

How Display Ads Work?

The Google Display Network is designed to help you find the right audience. Its targeting options let you strategically show your message to potential customers at the right place and the right time. Here are some examples of how you can approach targeting:

Find new customers or engage your existing customers using audiences. Similar audiences and in-market audiences allow you to target people who are most likely to be interested in your products, helping you find new prospective customers. You can also use data, like remarketing lists, to help you re-engage people who previously visited your site.

Drive more conversions using automation. Automated targeting helps get more conversions by finding high-performing audiences based on your existing audiences and landing page. By automatically optimizing over time, Google Ads can learn which audiences work for you. Automated bidding automatically adjusts your bid to help you meet your return on investment. Smart display campaigns combine the best of automated targeting, bidding, and creatives to maximize your conversions on Google Ads. 

Intent Signals and Machine Learning

Intent Signals and Machine Learning

Google intent signals and machine learning enable greater relevance to achieve your desired outcome, at scale.

Deep Understanding of User Mindset

Google analyzes user activity across Google properties, millions of websites, and app partners to generate a clear understanding of user preferences.

Effective Use Of Machine Learning 

Google uses advanced machine learning capabilities to bring best-in-class automation, bidding, and targeting to reach users at just the right moment.

Unique Insights

Unique insights across over three million websites and apps including access to six properties with over one billion users. Google’s proprietary, real-time view of context and user behavior on its owned and operated properties and across the web powers a unique understanding of user intent. Reach users in the moments that matter.

Display Campaign Types

Display Campaign Types

Display ads can help you promote your business when people are browsing online, watching YouTube videos, checking Gmail, or using mobile devices and apps, take an approach that enables greater efficiency or greater creative control. 

Build Awareness: Increase how well people know your brand.

When you want to reach a broad audience and maximize your brand exposure, we recommend the Build Awareness marketing objective.

Demographic Targeting

Demographic targeting enables us to show ads to users based on a combination of declared and inferred data. We can target based on age, gender, and parental status. For example, reach men and women, ages 25-45.

Affinity Audiences

With Affinity audiences, we can reach TV-like audiences based on a holistic picture of their lifestyles, interests, and passions. We can choose from over 100 segments based on online behavior. Google’s best-in-class algorithm distinguishes these users that are truly passionate about a topic rather than those that are merely interested. For example, we can reach health and fitness buffs.

Custom Affinity Audiences

If one of the 100+ off-the-shelf Affinity audiences doesn’t meet your specific needs, we create Custom Affinity audiences. This feature allows us to define and target custom-made audiences, giving substantive reach against niche groups of users. For example, we can find people interested in outdoor activities such as bicycling, rather than general health and fitness buffs.

Influence Consideration: Encourage people to explore your products or services.

When you want to engage with users that are actively researching products or services, we recommend the Influence Consideration campaign objective.

In-Market Audiences

Reach potential customers while they’re actively browsing, researching, or comparing the types of products you sell and are close to a conversion. Connect with those most interested in what you have to offer, using precise segments that classify users based on their demonstrated in-market behavior and purchase intent.

Custom Intent Audiences

If you want to create a tailored audience that isn’t covered in one of our In-Market audience segments, Custom Intent is for you! We can define and reach people that have the intent to purchase, updated in real-time.

Similar Audiences

Similar Audiences find users that are similar to an original remarketing list or other compatible list. It finds users that are similar in profile based on their recent browsing and interests around different topics.

Drive Action: Get sales or leads by motivating people to take action.

When you want to re-engage with users that have already shown interest in your brand, we recommend the Drive Action marketing objective.


Remarketing lets us show ads to the people who demonstrated their interest in what you offer with their visit to your website or app. It’s how you can reconnect with great prospects as they browse the millions of websites and apps available on the network.

Standard Remarketing

Show ads to your past visitors as they browse network websites and use network apps. Communicate with people who’ve previously visited key pages on your website across screens, giving you a powerful new way to match the right user with the right message.

Dynamic Remarketing

Work to boost your results with dynamic remarketing, which takes remarketing to the next level with ads that include products or services that people viewed on your website. We create dynamically generated display ads with product data pulled from a pre-uploaded feed. We can achieve great performance showing to users products they have seen on your website, with low effort in campaign, ads, and remarketing lists creation.

 The Appropriate Display Ad Formats

Deliver The Right Message Using The Appropriate Display Ad Formats

Creatives are the face of your brand through advertising, so you want to make sure they represent you well and clearly communicate your business to your audience. Responsive Display Ads and Uploaded Ads are the avenues in which we can communicate your business to your audience via Google Display ads campaign. Move people with images: Display is your chance to engage users with appealing ad formats. Here are some of the ad types you can run on the Display Network:

Responsive Display Ads

Responsive Display Ads are Google’s marquee Display ad format and are the recommended format for Display Campaigns. They represent the future of asset-based digital advertising since they are highly scalable, and serve in all ad slot sizes, into both native and non-native inventory. They automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit just about any ad slot. Not only do Responsive Display Ads look great, but they also perform. On average, we tend to see 50% more conversions at a similar cost-per-acquisition (CPA). They perform because Google uses a machine learning model to determine the optimal combination of assets for each ad slot based on predictions built from your performance history.

Google does billions of creative A/B tests for your business. Google also leverages multiple machine learning modules (asset selection, color extraction, auto-fitting, and more) to create the right message to the right user across desktop, mobile, and apps.

Uploaded Ad Creatives

Uploaded ads offer greater control over the way your ads look and feel. We use Google Web Designer and other graphic design tools to custom-build each ad and bring your ideas to life. Although we gain complete creative control, Image ads only run in banner-eligible slots, which has a limited scale relative to Responsive Display Ads.

When Ads Show?

When Ads Show?

While the Search Network can reach people when they’re already searching for specific goods or services, the Display Network can help you capture someone’s attention earlier in the buying cycle. We can put your ads in front of people before they start searching for what you offer, which can be key for your overall advertising strategy. You can also remind people of what they’re interested in, as in the case of remarketing to people who’ve previously visited your site or app. 

See Your Business Ads On Prominent And Trusted Websites Across The Web. Reach Thousands Of Potential Customers For Pennies.
Google Search Ads vs. Display Ads

Google Search Ads vs. Display Ads

Imagine Google Ads as the parent umbrella for Search Ads and Display Ads. Often times businesses can benefit from both and we recommend using the two together. However, depending on your specific needs one might be more appropriate/effective. Both Search and Display Ads offer detailed targeting options/tools and real-time results tracking.

Search Ads are the text ads you see at the top and bottom of search results when actively searching on Google. These target specific keywords and low funnel intenders. Search ads are highly effective and should be part of your marketing channel. These are the most common and well-known form of PPC advertising.

Search Ads typically have higher Click-Through Rates (CTR%) but also higher Cost Per Click (CPC).

Display Ads are banner/image ads you see when you visit your favorite websites across the web. These often reach higher funnel intenders at scale, a more passive form of advertising.

You may ask: “Are these the annoying ads interrupting me when online?” – Yes, they can be, but only if the advertiser is doing a poor job managing the campaign. When done well, display ads can be especially compelling. Think about seeing an ad for that pair of shoes you really like, with an additional 40% OFF.

Display Ads typically have lower Click-Through Rates (CTR%) but also lower Cost Per Click (CPC).

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