Search Engine Optimization Success

Search Engine Optimization Success

Search engine optimization success is something coveted by all and everyone vying to be at the top of search results. And, every time someone searches on the web, there are typically thousands, and often millions of results.

So how do you get your business at or near the top? There really are only two ways:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Advertising (Paid Search, Social, and Video to name a few).

We can help with both, but this article will focus on SEO. The two coexist in an increasingly busy web where attention spans are short and people have little to no time to really notice you or your business. Our experts know how to effectively capture attention and get you the top of search results.

What is Search Engine Optimization, (SEO)?

SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization” or “search engine optimizer.” An SEO expert is someone trained to improve your visibility on search engines.

Hiring an SEO can improve your site rank and performance significantly. It can save you time and money on advertising. However, hiring someone that’s not reputable can potentially damage your website rank and valuable resources. Aggressive SEO efforts and attempting to manipulate search engine results in unfair ways may result in a negative adjustment of your site’s presence on search results, or even the removal of your site from their index. Make sure to research the potential advantages as well as the damage that an irresponsible SEO can do to your site. A few ways we help our clients:

  • Review of your website’s content, structure, links, and health.
  • Crawlability, URL parameters, server connectivity, response time/speed, duplicate content,
  • We get technical: website development implementations, hosting, redirects, AMP, error pages, mobile, speed, use of JavaScript, and more.
  • We focus on content development – Great Content is King.
  • Management and development of marketing campaigns.
  • Implement the best SEO practices.
  • We focus on keyword research, not keyword stuffing.
  • We offer SEO training and ongoing best practices.
  • Overtop Media has deep expertise in specific markets and geographies. Ask us about your industry.

No one can pay Google or other search engines to show up at the top organically. Hence, advertising won’t have any effect on organic search results or overall rank. Anyone can show up in organic search results for free.

Google, Microsoft, and others offer free tools to help your SEO effort: Search Console, Webmaster Central (Google), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide, and Bing Webmaster Tools are all a great place to start.

Search Engine Optimization Success Is A Long-term Commitment

Like anything worth doing, unfortunately, there is no easy or fast way to show up at the top. Search engine optimization success is a long term commitment. It requires a significant investment of time and resources, including monetary ones. However, if you hire a reputable SEO specialist the investment will pay for itself many times over. In The Long Run.

You have to be realistic, it takes anywhere from 4 months to a year to implement best SEO practices and see/have a measurable impact and benefits. Be extremely wary of anyone selling you “overnight first-page rank”. There’s no such thing. In fact, they might implement practices that adversely affect your rank and performance. That’s something that will be difficult to recover from.

What Makes SEO Successful?

Successful SEO helps put your best foot forward and your business at the top, or near the top, of search results. When working on SEO we work on the entire user experience. Everything matters. Seriously.

We ensure that your website has a great user experience, a key pillar of success in SEO. It’s important that the site is useful and helpful to all that visit it either from mobile or desktop. Links and keywords are important, however stuffing your site with keywords and buying useless links will do more harm than help.

Doing what’s best for your customers is often the same as doing what’s best for search engine optimization.

We focus on great and easy site navigation, responsive design, mobile-friendly experience, and fast response (both perceived and actual). We dig into and develop all the channels and ways that customers find you, or can find you. We research your competitors and their online presence. We fully vest in your success and best interest, there are no shortcuts, only hard work backed by years fo experience and many success stories. We’re interested in your success because all our clients enjoy absolutely No Contract for our services. You only keep us as long as we continue to provide value to you and your business.

It’s Not All About Ranking

Showing up at the top of search results is the ultimate SEO goal. However, it’s not all about rankings. It’s about business success and how it can be achieved by implementing the best SEO practices. We accomplish this by focusing on what makes your business unique and special. The things that your customers love about you. This helps current and future customers.

What Makes You Special?

We spend significant time and resources to learn about your business and what makes it special. It’s difficult to have search engine optimization success without knowing what your goals, customers, and all other marketing efforts are. It’s important that we pull in the same direction and work together towards common goals.

Basic SEO Principles

  • Focus on users, not for search engines.
  • Don’t mislead or deceive users.
  • Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine rankings.
  • Ask yourself: Does this help my users? How does it help them?
  • Think about what makes your website unique, valuable, or engaging.
  • Make your website stand out from others in your field by emphasizing what makes you truly special and valued by your customers/clients/

Avoid The Following Techniques:

  • Automatically generated content – programmatically generated content to manipulate users and results.
  • Participating in various link schemes. This includes link buying, selling, and exchanges. Often these are widely distributed, recognized and flagged by search engines. The best way to get other sites to create high-quality, relevant links to yours is to create unique, relevant content that can naturally gain popularity in the Internet community.
  • Creating pages with little or no original content.
  • Cloaking, presenting different content or URLs to human users and search engines.
  • Poor security, where hackers can deceive visitors unbeknown to you the business owner.
  • Sneaky redirects intended to deceive search engines or display content to human users that is different than that made available to search engine crawlers.
  • Hidden text or links, anything that’s not easily viewable by web visitors, or links solely for search engines rather than visitors.
  • Doorway pages created to rank highly for specific search queries.
  • Scraped content from other sources or websites.
  • Participating in affiliate programs consisting of content that appears in many other places on the web without adding sufficient value.
  • Loading pages with irrelevant keywords or “Keyword stuffing”. The practice of loading a webpage with keywords or numbers in an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in search results.
  • Creating pages with malicious behavior, such as phishing or installing viruses, trojans, or other badware.
  • Abusing structured data markup.
  • Sending automated search queries.
  • Finally, anything that is intended to “game the system” will likely not bode well long term. So just don’t do it.
Search Engine Marketing Success Is About Making Money.

Search Engine Marketing Success Is About Making Money. An Investment In Your Long Term Success.

It’s Not About Spending Wastefully.

Often times marketeers will happily discount your products and or services. They’ll suggest the typically “buy one get one”, “free item/services”, “gift cards” “deep % discounts”, and other ploys that “work” but don’t necessarily make you money.

We concentrate on what makes you money and helps grow your business in the long run. Do not let anyone devalue your brand, products, or services. Instead, focus on increasing value and revenue.

Search Engine Optimization Success Results In Conversions And Sales

Search engine optimization should be about conversions and sales. Customers should be able to easily find what they need and have few steps with little friction on the path to convert or a sale.

Search engine optimization is not easy. It takes time, effort, patience, expertise, and a lot of work. There are no shortcuts. There is no magic wand that can get you to the top. Our experts prioritize the items specific to your business that will bring the best return on your SEO investment. Our SEO experts will closely work with you and your team to help achieve your business goals.

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