Quick Video Advertising Tips

Quick Video Advertising Tips

Check out a few Quick Video Advertising Tips to help you grow your business. Video advertising is increasingly important in helping your business grow. Here are a few tips to create better and more effective videos:

– Hook your audience in the first 5 seconds – propose a solution, add a value or depending on your brand guidelines, crack a joke!
– Make the right cut – 15-30 second videos are the best
– Think of your audience and tailor creatives accordingly
– Apply your logo/brand from the very beginning
– Adapt the video to mobile, desktop, and TV if you are planning to launch into Over the Top (OTT) or Broadcast
– Use voiceover and subtitles as viewers don’t always have the sound on
– Make the ad skippable – using the view rate metric and the video completion metrics you can determine if your targeting works

Remember! It’s critical to keep your core audience in mind, tailor your creatives accordingly. Storytelling videos perform the best

Note: Publish your videos to Youtube and take advantage of their fast video loading speeds as well as easy sharing and embedding options.

We hope that these Quick Video Advertising Tips are helpful to you. Need more help? Work with Overtop Media Digital Marketing and Grow your business.