What’s the future of brand engagement?

What’s the future of brand engagement?

Re-think brand loyalty and trust

As people become more intentional and selective in their relationships, brands will likely see a shift in loyalties and engagement. Identify where you may need to lean even more into authenticity and decide where to focus your attention to deepen the most important relationships for your brand.

Focus on being a relationship facilitator

Brands may have an opportunity to embrace a near-term role as a facilitator in relationship building and give people new ways of coming together and celebrating differences in values.

Find opportunities for collective memory creation

“The end of Blursday”—the blurring of time due to fewer distinct markers, such as differing locations, conditions, etc.—may drive new experiences and help people form new shared memories with their prioritized relationships as they emerge from the pandemic.

Match your use of immersive technology with audience needs

It may not always be the right move to offer video calling for every type of connection—sometimes messaging or a short-form video can work just as well.

Go bigger with your creator ecosystem

As people focus on connections that feel the most authentic—a trait creators built their entire business on—consider expanding the network of creators you work with to broaden and deepen your consumer relationships.